Turkish Breakfast

Variety of Turkish cheese, olives, tomato, cucumber homemade jam, honey, butter, Turkish pepperoni, boiled egg

Cheese Omelette

Cheese and tomato served with glass of tea

Mixed Omelette

Sausage, mushroom, ham, green pepper, tomato and cheese served with glass of tea


Pan-fried tomato, pepper, onion and scrambled egg served with fresh bread.

Meze Platter

6 Kinds

Hamburger / Cheeseburger

Homemade beefburger with crispy lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickle served with french fries

Vienna Schinitzel

Pan-fried schinitzel served with french fries and salad garnish

Fish & Chips

With salad and french fries

Spicy Potato Wedges

With salsa souce


Fish Soup

Daily Soup

Grilled Octopus

Creamy Sauteed Octopus

Pan-Fried Seafood

Mussels, octopus, shrimps, calamari, pepper, garlic, tomato, mushroom with cream sauce



Deep fried shrimps, calamari & vegetables served with soya sauce

Seabass Bagel

Seafood Cochorech

Pan-fried seafood with herbs in casserole

Seafood Pastry

Stuffed Calamari

With seafood and cream sauce

Deep-Fried Calamari

With tartar sauce

Grilled Calamari

Stuffed Champignons

Stuffed with seafood

Garlic Prawn

With butter and spicy in a casserole

Prawn Kadayıf

Deep-fried king prawn wrapped with Turkish noodle served with sweet & sour sauce

Seafood Salad

Mediterranean greens, shrimps, calamari, mussels and salmon octopus served with honey & mustard dressing

Cajun Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken breast surrounded with cajun. Spice sun dried mediterranean greens served with honey & mustard dressing

Mediterranean Salad

Lettuce, basil, mint, thyme, rocket, green salad, green onion

Seasonal Green Salad

Tomato Salad

Tomato, onion, green pepper, cucumber served with lemon & olive oil

Cold Starters

Daily fresh homemade mezzes
you can choose from buffet

Fishes by Weight

Whole Grouper
Grouper Kebab
Whole Seabream
Whole Seabass
Whole Red Snapper
Pan-Fried Red Mullet
Sole Fish

Grilled Salmon Steak

Grilled Sword Fish Steak

Sole Fish Shish

Sword Fish Shish

Grilled Seabass or Seabream

Pan-fried Fish

Seafood Casserole

Octopus, shrimps, calamari cooked in oven with vegetable, garlic & cream sauce, served with rice

Yengeç Special

Half steamed seabass in pepper with vegetables & herbs

Fish in Salt

Fresh fish covered in a salt shell and oven baked
ask the price !

Sour Steamed Fish

For 2 and more
Fish fillets cooked with onion, lemon and tomato
Please ask the price!

Grilled Fillet Steak

Grilled tender fillet steak served with chips and vegetables

Steak Champignons

Grilled steak with creamy champignons and porchini mushroom served with chips and vegetables

Grilled Meatballs

With grilled vegetables and rice

Grilled Chicken Breast

With rice and grilled vegetables

Sweet & Sour

Diced lamb fried on iron plate, served with salad and chips

Grilled Chicken Breast

With rice and grilled vegetables

Semolina Halvah

With ice cream

Halvah With Walnut in the Oven




Red Velvet

San Sebastian Cheesecake

Seasonal Fruits