Fethiye Marina

Fethiye has four Marinas, they are detailed below:-

Ece Marina is located on the south shore of Fethiye bay; 15 minutes from the centre of Fethiye (for large 400-berth)
The marina has a stunning panoramic view and lots of facilities, making Ece a great place to stay.
Ece marina boasts a safe berth and a real home for you and your boat. This is a five-star marina and has a separate boat yard, hotel (spa, swimming pool, bars & restaurant facilities) You can find restaurants in Fethiye marina serving both international & Turkish cuisine in a unique and beautiful environment.

Yes Marina is located approx. a mile to the west of Ece Marina. About two miles from the centre of Fethiye. Yengec restaurant is located at the Yes Marina and we welcome you to our restaurant for day time lunch or evening fine dinning.
(for smaller 20-berth)

Letoonia Marina is located on the north side of the bay and is primarily a boat park for visitors staying at the Letoonia resort complex.

The Yacht Classic Hotel marina is located immediately west of the Ece Marina.
It is mainly a ‘Sunsail charter’ hub and has limited berths available for visiting yachts Particularly at the weekends